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What your dog will learn:

  • Focus on the obstacle
  • Better understanding of obstacle and jumping cues
  • Independent performance of an obstacle
  • Foundation for obstacle discrimination
  • Work at distance to handler

Anja & Yael, Tina & Fe
"I participated in the Focus & Distance Online course with my Mudi Yael. She has known the cue, but it is very difficult for her to trust it and not be distracted by the environment. In this course we re-taught the cue in small and easy steps. We then transferred it to different obstacles. Yael is more and more

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In this course you can start right away, after booking it. You can learn anywhere and anytime. You always have your training plan in your pocket.
Theory & Application 

Apart from many exercises, games and demo videos, you will also find a brief part on learning theory in every course. In this section you will learn about psychological backgrounds that can help you understand your dog's behaviour in training as well as in everyday life. 
Participants & Auditors

In this class you will see which lessons are already completed and which are still open. As a participant you will receive feedback on your training videos. As an auditor you will see all content as well as the videos that participants share. You may also ask questions. 
Variety of Topics

At Agility Campus you will find courses for every need. No matter if you are starting out with a young dog or consider yourself a seasoned competitor, we offer the course that helps you reach the next level.
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Start now with your online course on focus cue & distance!

With this online course you are laying a solid foundation for your dog's understanding of obstacle focus. This will help your dog to work at a distance and serve as a strong foundation for obstacle discrimination.