In this challenge you will see how I teach five important concepts for agility success in my living room. Each concept is explained and divided into 3 levels: Beginner, Advanced and Expert. 
No prior knowledge is required and most exercises are suitable for puppies as well as adult dogs. But beware, the expert level skills will challenge even experienced agility dogs!
This will give you the opportunity to get to know the style of online teaching at Agility Campus. 

I have created this 5 Day Challenge to provide you with ideas of what to teach in a very small space at home, as I often hear excuses about bad weather or no access to equipment from students when asked why they didn't teach a specific skill. As I used to live in a one-room college apartment when I trained my Border Collie May, I know the issue very well. However, during that time I got creative on teaching basic concepts in a small space. It is my goal to share this knowledge with the agility community.
At the same time, this course will give you the opportunity to try out online classes without having to commit to buying a whole class. Check out if you like the style of teaching we use at Agility Campus!
Access to the Challenge

The challenge takes place in a clearly structured online course. You can see which challenges you have already completed. There are videos as well as written instructions for each challenge, allowing you to jump into your training session quickly. 
5 Fundamental Concepts

Every day you will receive a new challenge connected with a foundational agility concept that can be taught in your living room. Once your dog understands the concept, it will be easy to transfer it to real agility. 
3 Levels

Each challenge is split in three level: Beginner, Advanced and Expert. This ensures that all participants will be challenged appropriately. Exercises are suitable for puppies as well as experienced dogs.
Challenge Certificate & Reward

Make sure to take the quiz at the end of this challenge in order to earn your finisher certificate and a reward for completing all the challenges.